Gartner Workshop – Navigating Todayʻs CIO Landscape

Gartner Workshop – Navigating Todayʻs CIO Landscape 150 150 CIOCOH Web Team

The CIO Council of Hawaii was honored to host an insightful workshop featuring Kevin Smith, Senior Director Analyst within the Gartner CIO Leadership practice. The exclusive event, held at the HMSA Center, brought together leading CIOs to address the multifaceted challenges facing today’s IT leaders. Kevin, with his extensive 25-year background in strategy, leadership, culture, and change management, provided a wealth of knowledge on leveraging technology to achieve business outcomes.

Attendees gained valuable insights into the collaborative landscape necessary for CIOs to meet the demands of the modern digital enterprise, the high-performance impact of “Franchising” digital delivery, and various strategies for cultivating local talent. Kevin’s expert advisement, drawn from his experience with renowned organizations such as IBM, Sun Microsystems, and Ogilvy Mather, offered practical and actionable guidance for driving organizational transformation and effectiveness.

This event was made possible through the support of Gartner and reflects the CIO Council of Hawaii’s commitment to fostering strong IT relationships locally and contributing to our communities. Mahalo to HMSA for making the workshop conference space available and to all of those in supporting roles for making this workshop a success!